More Detail About Our Programs & Classes

Although CrossFit is our primary focus here at Kent CrossFit, we offer much more than that. Take a look at the class descriptions below to see what best suits your needs or most piques your interest.

Class Schedule

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***You must reserve your spot for 5:30am classes***

Group Classes/WODs

These are our CrossFit oriented classes and our most popular. Our group classes are for our more seasoned members and for those who have completed the Elements course.

Here we vary training for our members dialing up and down strength and conditioning. We always begin with a warm-up and will sometimes ease into strength training, technique, or mobility exercises. We finish out each class with our Workout of the Day (or WOD) which is designed to move you differently each day.

CrossFit Elements

Our Elements class is for our newest members who aren’t familiar with CrossFit and/or Olympic Barbell movements. Here we start light, slow and easy because we want to focus on good form, movement, mobility and flexibility before we move comfortably up in weight. This is where you lay the solid foundation that will help you better achieve your fitness goals.

Strongman & Powerlifting

Kent CrossFit also shares space with Strongman & Powerlifting athletes hosted by Grant “Higamonsta” Higa. Can’t get enough heavy squatting, benching or deadlifts? Or perhaps flipping tractor tires, hoisting atlas stones or moving large odd heavy objects is more your cup-o-tea? Then Strongman & Powerlifting is definitely for you.