2018-01-20 Saturday

2018-01-20 Saturday
January 20, 2018 KCF_Admin

A) Group Stretch


This is a tribute WOD to Officer McCartney.

Daniel is a coach at CrossFit Yelm, Wa. He passed away Monday morning 1-08-2018 responding to a home invasion. As every officer would do Daniel gave chase to the two men. He shot one, but unfortunately Daniel was fatally shot by the second man.
Daniel is such an amazing father and husband. He leaves behind 3 young boys and a beautiful wife that he loves with his whole heart!

If you find it in your heart to give please do if you just need to write a message we would love hear from you. Below is the account we have set up for Daniels family.


Teams of 3 2000m Row
14 DB Thrusters (50/35)
34 KBS(70/35)
484 Double Unders
108 Burpees
2000m Row
18 Deadlifts (225/185)
*Split reps any way

2000m + 14 Reps= 2014 The year he started w/ Pierce County
34 Reps= His age
484 Reps= His badge #
108= Date of passing
2000+18 year
3RDS= Sons left behind