2016-02-18 Thursday Open Gym/Strongman

2016-02-18 Thursday Open Gym/Strongman
February 18, 2016 KCF_Admin

Active Rest Day

5:30 Strongman Clinic
Tori and David Lopez are going to be starting a strongman class Thursdays at 5:30pm.

Come out and get and intro to odd object (strongman) training! You will learn how to safely add odd object training to your own program from DLO and TLO who both compete in the North American Strongman amateur division. They will be covering technique and programming info for events such as stones, yoke, farmers, log clean and press and many more!

Come see how strongman training can take your strength and fitness to the next level! ‪#‎FunctionalFitness‬‪#‎StrongmanTraining‬


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