2015-12-31 Thursday

2015-12-31 Thursday
December 31, 2015 KCF_Admin

REMINDER:  Only 1 Class at 9:30am today

A) Group Stretch

B) In Teams of 2
4 Rounds for time
*400m Run with Medicine Ball (Rx20/14–to train tracks and back)
**25x Ground to OH (Rx115/75)
100x Partner Sit Ups with Medicine Ball
**25x Box Jumps (Rx24/20)
*Only one medicine ball per team.  Both partners run, take turns carrying the med ball.
**While one partner is doing Ground to OH / Box Jump, the other person must hold the med ball overhead, with elbows fully extended.  Cannot continue the movements unless med ball is held OH.
***Can breakup the reps in any way


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