1st Annual IUA Throwdown

1st Annual IUA Throwdown
November 8, 2015 KCF_Admin

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Thank you to all who participated, volunteered, cheered, and supported all the athletes.  It was such a FUN-filled day.  I am so proud of all you guys and you should give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.  You showcased all your skills in front of everyone. Some of you may have been out of your element but I’m glad  you decided to participate anyway.

The strongman/women and powerlifting crew were also very well represented.  These athletes are a big part of our group and I’m glad they participated in the throwdown.

It was the 1st throwdown we hosted–I feel the workouts were fair, very well planned, and ran on time.  As well as it went, I want you guys to know that there are always room for improvements.  I have already heard great feedback from some of you.  I will certainly incorporate your ideas to the next event.

Now, to the winners and prizes…
Scaled Male:  Roy Ray and Kevin Foreman
Prizes:  Cup Trophy, Strideline BOOM 12 Socks
Scaled Female:  Leslie Cann and Rachael Bennett
Prizes:  Cup Trophy, Strideline BOOM 12 Socks

RX Male
1st Place:  Wes Fitzgerald and Todd Hacke
Prizes:  Winner Plaque, Animal Pak Multi Vitamins, Animal Pak Flex, Stirdeline SONICS socks, Anfarm T-shirt
2nd Place:  Jovi Legaspi and Mike Calonge
Prizes:  SFH Pure Whey Protein, Anfarm T-shirt
3rd Place:  Tyson Ferreira, Bobby Guzman
Prize:  $20 Saya Restaurant Gift Certificate

RX Female
1st Place:  Torrie Lopez and Lacey Schreiner
Prizes:  Winner Plaque, Animal Pak BCAA, Iron Club Liquid Chalk, Anfarm T-shirt
2nd Place: Rachele Wright and Jenny Ng
Prizes:  SFH Pure Whey Protein, Anfarm T-shirt
3rd Place: Mihee Paik and Stacy Taylor
Prize:  $20 Saya Restaurant Gift Certificate

Special Shoutouts-
Chinda, Jehnee, and VIP for being the planning committee, without you guys there would have been no throwdown
Judges/Referees/Coaches:  Annie, Shon, Nanette, Grant, Kevin, Chinda, Jehnee, and Vip
Sponsors: Animal Products, Anfarm Gear, Strideline Socks, Iron Club Liquid Chalk, Saya Restaurant
Guests:  Patrick and Grant for the Deadlift Demo


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