2015-10-16 Friday

2015-10-16 Friday
October 16, 2015 KCF_Admin

A) Group Stretch

B) 2 Sets (not for time)
10x Good Mornings (45/35)
10x L-Weighted Side Bends
10x R-Weighted Side Bends

C) Week 4 – Dead Lifts

D) In Teams of 2
9 Minute Running Clock
First 6 Minutes
30x Double Unders
10x Wall Balls (Rx20/14)
Athlete 1 starts with doubles, as soon Athlete 1 completes 30 doubles, Athlete 1 starts the Wall Balls
When Athlete 1 completes 30 doubles; Athlete 2 Starts Double Unders
– The athletes should never be doing the same movement at the same time. ie, if Athlete 1 completes all the wall balls while Athlete 2 is still doing double unders, Athlete 1 must wait to start on doubles, until Athlete 2 moves on to Wall Balls
Last 3 Minutes
Goblet Squats (Rx62/44)
Weighted Wall Sits
Athlete 1 performs wall sits; hands behind the head and the medicine ball on the lap
Athlete 2 performs goblet squats
SWITCH is determined when athlete is UNABLE to maintain wall sit, ie. med fall falls to the floor, hands are removed from behind the head.  Only do goblet squats once partner wall sit is maintained.
(this workout is courtesy of CF425)
SCORING:  First 6 Minutes – total number of ROUNDS completed
SCORING:  Last 3 Minutes – total number of Goblet Squats completed


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