2015-09-25 Friday

2015-09-25 Friday
September 25, 2015 KCF_Admin

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90’s POTLUCK BBQ Today around 5:30ish.  Please come with your most creative 90’s attire, bring something to share and let’s celebrate the start of school, the end of summer, and the arrival of Autumn. Please feel free to invite ALL friends and family to join us.  OPEN to all

A) Group Stretch

B) 9 Minute EMOM (3 Sets)
12x Good Mornings (Rx45/35)
15x Leg Lifts
20x Russian Twists

C) Dead Lifts

D) 10 Minute AMRAP
50x Double Unders
10x SDHP (Rx115/75)
20x OH Weighted Lunges


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