2015-09-21 Monday

2015-09-21 Monday
September 21, 2015 KCF_Admin

Alas!  Autumn is upon us, kids are back in school and also time to get back into our strength cycle.  For those of you who remember we finished our last series with Olympic Lifting.  For this series, we will focus on Back Squat (Mondays), Bench Press (Tuesdays), and the Dead Lift (Fridays) — Power Lifting

A) Group Stretch

B) 9 Minute Running Clock
EMOM (3 Rounds)
– 30 Double Unders
– 40 Second Hollow Holds
– 15-20x Push Ups

C) Back Squat

D) For time
200m Run
Hang Power Clean (Rx135/95)
200m Run

*200m Runs only at the beginning and the end



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