2015-09-07 Monday

2015-09-07 Monday
September 7, 2015 KCF_Admin

ATTENTION:  Special LABOR DAY Holiday Hours today.  Only 1 Class at 9:30am

A) Group Stretch

B) In Teams of 2
30 Minute AMRAP
400m Team Run (to train track and back on 212th)
6x Snatches (Rx135/95)
12x Clean and Jerks
20x Burpee Over Bar
40x KB Swings (Rx53/35)
– both partners run
– only 1 person working at at time
– can breakup the movement in any way

If you chose to do this workout solo.
30 Minute AMRAP
400m Run
3x Snatches
8x Clean and Jerks
19x Burpees Over Bar
15x KB Swings
– The numbers represent number of (3) firefighters who have lost their lives battling the Chelan wildfire so far on (8-19-15 )


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