April 24, 2015 KCF_Admin

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I have now entered the “MAX Phase!”

Day 12 – and I’m half way there…

The “CLEANSE Phase” ended on Day 10.  So far so good.  I feel great, more energy, and drum roll please……  I have lost 5lbs and lost 1% of body fat.

For me, I really like the regimented and laid out plan on the DAILY GUIDE book (included in the Cleanse Package).  It’s a fool proof, step-by-step way to follow the cleanse.  I also attribute MEAL PREP as one of the keys to my success. Like previously mentioned, the cleanse allows for grains, beans, lentils, and other complex carbs, but I’m choosing to eliminate those and follow PALEO.

Two weeks before starting the Cleanse, I fell off the Paleo wagon and this Cleanse has been a great tool to RESET.   Having said that, eating CLEAN for the past 12 days in conjunction with following the 24 Day Challenge has resulted in more energy and feeling great.  I wish I could say that the 24 Day Challenge process is the sole reason for the added energy.  Better nutrition and better food choices definitely assisted in this result.

I will give you another update towards the end of the MAX Phase…

Product review:  Meal Replacement Shake – Chocolate Flavor
This is delicious – the flavor and consistency is great.  I’ve mixed it with almond milk, banana, ice cubes and blended….  So good!


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