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I need coffee…..

A few weeks back a friend who is an Advocare Rep came into our gym and spoke to me about the benefits of Advocare–how it can help our members with their nutrition, recovery, and weight loss.

I had heard of Advocare before, but never used any of their products.  For me, if I’m going to suggest products to our gym members, I need to make sure it would be beneficial for the end user.  If you guys know me, $ is not the main motivator for me, the product has to have added value to the user before I can put my stamp of approval on it.  Here is what I’ve decided to do.  For $79, I signed up to get discounts on product, and made another connection to my Advocare friend to see if I can get the “24-Day Cleanse Package.”

From time to time (not daily, because that’s annoying), I will document my experience with this product.  I will be honest and not sugar-coat anything.  If the product is good, effective, OR otherwise, I will write about it.  Again, this is just my own opinion of the product.  I’m not trying to persuade or dissuade anyone to buy anything.

The 24-Day Cleans contains: Spark, Herbal Cleanse, Slam, Omega Plex, and Meal Replacement Shake.  It also comes with a guide book which tells you exactly what to take and when to take the appropriate products.  I was told that this product is GREAT for someone who is looking to lose weight.  I, on the other hand, is already somewhat lean, but I really wanted a regimented way to help me get leaner.  Additionally, I wanted something I can incorporate with the PALEO style of eating.  I intend to follow their program, AND also stay within PALEO eating which means no grains, beans, and oatmeals (these items are allowed during the Advocare 24-day)

Day 1 –
No Coffee, instead take a package of SPARK and mix with 8oz of water before breakfast.  I love my coffee and this almost made me not go through the challenge on the very 1st day.  I must admit that I seemed a little bit irritable without my beloved mug full of hot-delicious java first thing in the morning.

FIBER DRINK before breakfast – I was warned of the horrible texture and taste of this product.  Mix 1 package with 8oz of water.  Seriously, it looked like saw dust melting away in water.  The verdict, NOT BAD at all.  Same consistency as watery apple sauce, and I didn’t find the taste to be too horrible.

Another package of SPARK in the afternoon.

OMEGA PLEX (fish oil) during dinner.


So all in all, aside from missing my coffee, it’s been quite easy to incorporate with my current existing habit.  We shall see what the results will be in the following weeks.  I’ll keep you posted…

~Coach AV


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