New Strength Training Cycle is HERE!

New Strength Training Cycle is HERE!
March 30, 2015 KCF_Admin

Thanks to Coach Vip for hosting OLYMPIC LIFTING Clinics for the past 5 Saturdays.  Many of you attended his classes and have seen improvements and better understanding of the next movements we will conquer.
Mondays – Cleans
Tuesday – Split Jerk (from rack)
Friday – Snatch

If you didn’t have a chance to attend any of the clinics, this week will be a chance to catch up.  We will practice each lift to focus mainly on the movements.  We will use PVC pipe or minimal weights to start.

For advanced athletes, please use this time to clean up your form and dial in the movements.  Don’t be tempted to go too heavy too fast.  There will be plenty of opportunity to get heavy as we progress with this cycle.

For beginners, don’t get frustrated!  Remember, the elite lifters have been doing this for years and they focus their training on these lifts alone.

Let’s all get better together.

~ Coach AV


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