All For One and One For All

All For One and One For All
February 22, 2015 KCF_Admin

Many many THANKS for making #NATESTRONG such a success.

In a matter of a few hours on a Saturday (02-21-2015), friends and family gathered to help a friend in need.  People baked, worked out, bought shirts, etc. to help out.  Because of  YOU, WE raised $1,526.00 (and counting).

Below is a note from Coach Nate.  We love you Coach Nate…..

“Today was one of the greatest days of my life because I got to see friends and family. I am so grateful for everything. Blessed to be part of the fitness community.
Thank you
Allen Velasco for hosting and planning the event and being a mentor to others.
Jehnee Paik Hills thank you for planning, baking, selling shirts, and everything you do. You give 120% of your time and effort.
Ronie Gerona keeps the gym looking great and an awesome roommate. Your family is family.
Jovi Legaspi you go above and 
beyond and thank you for the shirts. Love the Anfarm brand. Keep doing what your doing.
Christine Young you are an amazing person. You help and give to others. Thank you for the countless hours in baking, working, and planning. You extend an open hand and have unlimited open heart.
Cristell Frederickson-Willis truffles looked amazing. Thank you for having a big heart.

Thank you all that came out to the charity event and everything. The donations was enough to help my medical. I can’t wait to recover and workout side by side to all your fitness journey. You all are the best.

I love you all.”

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