…AND THE WINNERS ARE… (drum roll please)

…AND THE WINNERS ARE… (drum roll please)
February 12, 2015 KCF_Admin

“EVERYONE DID AN EXCELLENT JOB. I hope you all had the opportunity to learn about how food affects your body and performance and achieve your goals or at least get closer to smashing them.”

“We’ll have another challenge just before summer. Here are your winners.”  – Coach Jehnee

Points Winners:
1st Place- Christine Young
2nd Place- Leslie Garman

Most Weight Lost:
Riley Blaisdell

Biggest Transformation:
Ikaika Makaweli
Jamie Randall

Best Baseline Improvement Time:
Katherine Schneider

A very special THANKS for Coach Jehnee for DESIGNING / ORGANIZING / MANAGING our Paleo Challenge.


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