2014-12-20 Saturday

2014-12-20 Saturday
December 20, 2014 KCF_Admin

A) Group Stretch

B) 3 Sets (12 Minute Running Clock)
30 Seconds On; 30 Seconds Rest
– Front Squat (Unloaded Bar)
– Shoulder to OH (Unloaded Bar)
– Back Squat (Unloaded Bar)
– Good Mornings (Unloaded Bar)
*This is a warm up and the movements are not done for reps.  Please ensure full range of motion and concentrate on your movements.

C) 20 Minute AMRAP
30x Wall Balls (Rx20/14)
20x HSPU -or- Scale to modified HSPU on box -or- Push Ups
10x Dead Lifts (Rx225/135)


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