2014-12-01 Monday

2014-12-01 Monday
December 1, 2014 KCF_Admin

Happy December
A successful strength programming works best with consistency – – with vacations, Holidays, and time off school, we will not have a scheduled STRENGTH PROGRAMMING for the month of December.  We will practice random lifts this whole month and will resume with 3 new lifts at the beginning of the new year.

A) Group Stretch

B) 3 Sets
1x Rope Climb
15x Toes to Bar
15x Air Squats

C) Stop Squats — Back Squat (with 2 second pause at the bottom)

D) 3 Rounds for time
10x Jump Squats (Rx95/65) must be cleaned from the ground
10x High Box Jumps
15x Pull Ups -or 5x Muscle Ups


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