Get ready to put in work and have a great time.
Welcome home to Kent CrossFit.



All shapes. All Sizes. All different walks of life.
No matter your level of fitness, if you're willing to put in the effort, we'll help you reach your goals.



Journey's are much more fun with company.
There's always someone here to cheer you on, give you advice or even make you laugh.






Kent CrossFit is 5000 ft+ facility located in Kent, WA. We have certified & knowledgeable coaches and offer a variety of different fitness programs including CrossFit, Personal Training, Strongman & Powerlifting, and Barbell Training.

Our principals–to Inspire, to Motivate, and to Foster Community–will help lay the foundation to get you to a better you. No matter what age, fitness ability, or competitive level–we are here to help you reach your goals.

Welcome home to Kent CrossFit.




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Whatever your fitness level or workout preference, we’ve got something for you. Here are our current training offerings:

– CrossFit (Group Classes)

– Personal/Private Training

– Strongman & Powerlifting

– Olympic Barbell Training & Technique

Feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start? No worries! We’d love to sit down and chat with you to figure out a plan tailored to your personal goals.

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Kent CrossFit is a community of awesome people of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors and fitness levels from different backgrounds who love to feel their hearts beat and foreheads sweat all in the name of personal progress.

We’ve got a 5000+ square foot facility with a variety of equipment to help you on your personal fitness journey.

We have plenty of classes to choose from, all lead by our knowledgeable staff and certified coaches. Not sure where to start? We’d LOVE to chat with you to figure out a program tailored to your personal goals.

  • Being a "masters I tend to modify a lot of movements and they are fully supportive of what I can and can't physically do and encourage modifications as needed.  Maybe best of all is the community that KCF is. As a group we are supportive of each other, compassionate, and joking with each other every day. We support the local community with food drives, clothing drives and fundraising competitions for those less fortunate. No matter of your fitness level or skill level if you are looking for a gym, give KCF a try.
    Bill S.Member
  • I have been going to Kent Crossfit for the last 9 months, and I absolutely love it. The coaches are really experienced, helpful, and involved. The members are a blast to work out with and they keep you super motivated. I never would have thought I could do CrossFit before, either, but it's totally doable for all fitness levels. I could not recommend this place more!!
    Theresa A.Member
  • We dropped in and had a great experience. Owner was really welcoming and the coach pushed us through a challenging WOD. If you are looking for a box somewhere in Kent, this is this place!
    Wescott R.Visitor
  • There is such a welcoming sense of community and camaraderie here at Kent Crossfit that I've found it easy to always want to come in and workout. More often than not there’s usually a barbecue, potluck or some type of get together that always feels like a family party. It’s a judgment/ego free gym where you'll find people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and fitness levels from all walks of life so I've never felt intimidated or out of place.
    Kalani G.Member
  • I came to this gym purely out of location because of the close proximity to my then-new job, about 6 months ago. I usually hate crossfit, the trainers behind, and the workout itself - until I came to KCF! Chinda, the owner, is a brilliant coach who is always willing to teach (rather than throwing people into the workouts without any knowledge). The other coaches are awesome and knowledgeable too! I thought I was in shape until I came here and learned what it meant to get my butt kicked during a workout, in a great way. I highly recommend this place!
    Nancy Y.Member
  • I have been a member of Kent Crossfit since it opened. I love working out here. They make it fun and challenging.  Most of all, I love the people who come here to workout and I love the coaches. They are knowledgeable and they truly care about your fitness and you as a person. I've made many lifetime friends here. They are also committed to the community through various food and toy drives. It is the best place to workout and have fun!! Thank you for everything!
    Sandy B.Member